Henning Group T-900 SPEED MAGNET-Pouch

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Henning Group T-900 SPEED MAGNET-Pouch

This product combines our Speed MAG-Pouch with the newest caster/toe adjustable magazine pouch hanger!

The fastest, most exciting new magazine pouch on the market. Utilizing two 15/20lb magnets, this innovative new magazine pouch gives you full access to your magazine for lightning-fast reloads! The side-walls protects the magazine from side-bumps and the magazine sits very securely in the pouch, yet is accessible for a direct pull-out grab. You will experience a freedom you only dreamt of! You have a well of adjustability in this pouch. With the 30 degree rotational cylinder, you can adjust distance to your body as well as rotational angle for optimal ergometric setup.


**Magazine not included. 

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